Planning Agenda: 2024-01-11

The municipal agenda for the Planning Commission meeting on 2024-01-11 is 👉here👈

UPDATE 2024-06-01: The Diatribe broke ground on the The Emory Arts and Culture Hub @ 2040 Division S on 2024-05-31.

201 Fulton W

This is a Special Land Use (SLU) request to operate a cocktail lounge on the main floor of the Plaza Towers building which will be open until 1:00am on Fridays and Saturdays. Mondays through Thursday the establishment will close at midnight. No exterior modifications beyond signage will be made to the site. 1,008sq/ft of internal space will be dedicated to the lounge.

The residents of Plaza Towers were invited to a private event in October 23rd of 2023 to learn about the plans for this establishment. According to documentation provided by the intended operator the residents who attended did not express any concerns.

Within the City Center zoning there is no parking requirement to consider. This Special Land Use is principally concerned with hours of operation and the sale of alcohol.

357 & 345 Knapp St NE

A Special Land Use (SLU) is required for the operation of a childcare facility within TN/LDR (Single Family) zoning. This facility will provide for up to 36 children under the age of thirteen (13). The second floor of the structure at 357 Knapp is residential and is distinct from the proposed childcare facility. No substantial changes to the site or structure are intended, this SLU is required due to the intended use of the property.

The childcare facility is expected to have up to nine (9) full-time staff and three (3) part-time staff. The facility will operate Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 5:45pm. Off-street parking sufficient to satisfy the arbitrary requirements of the zoning ordinance is provided.

1965 Fuller Ave NE

This is a Special Land Use request for the sale of packaged alcohol at an existing retail and vehicle fueling facility.

2411 Burton St SE

This is a Special Land Use request for the sale of packaged alcohol at an existing retail and vehicle fueling facility.

248 Cherry St. SW

This is a Special Land Use request for the sale of packaged alcohol at an existing retail and vehicle fueling facility.

2040 Division Ave S

Here at the last agenda item: a request for a parking waiver! You thought there was going to be an entire Planning Commission meeting where parking was not a topic of conversation? Never! ✊ Or at least not until the new 2025 Zoning Ordinance finally eliminates parking requirements. 🤞

👉The Diatribe👈 is requesting this Special Land Use (SLU) to create the "Emory Arts and Culture Hub" community center. This is a venue including artist studios, outdoor seating, a rental venue, alcohol service, and live entertainment. Outdoor seating will operate until 10pm while the event and venue spaces will operate until 1:00am.

Letters of support have been filed in support of Diatribe and this project from: the West MIchigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Kent County Commissioner Tony Baker, Grand Rapid's Mayor Roselynn Bliss, the South Division-Grandville Ave Corridor Improvement Area, the Garfield Park Neighborhood Association, and Grand Rapids 2nd Ward City Commissioner Melinda Ysasi. That's some big names for a project in Grand Rapids.

The current zoning arbitrary requirements total to 60 parking spaces. The 50% allowance for nearby transit and bike parking cuts that to 30, at the Planning Commission's discretion. There are 227 parking spaces in adjacent city lots. The facility is well within the walk shed of the Silverline as well as the Rapid #1 and #24. How is it possible this zoning ordinance still exists? It is an embarrassment.