2023 Meeting Schedule

Date Commission Time Location
2023-05-09 May Urbanists Meetup 6:00pm The Rezervoir Lounge, 1418 Plainfield Ave NE
2023-05-11 Planning Commission 12:30:00 PM City Commission Chambers
2023-05-16 City Commission 07:00:00 PM City Commission Chambers
2023-05-23 City Commission 07:00:00 PM

Data Point: 2023-01, The ZORI & For-Sale

Time to check the data again.

ZORI (Observed Rents)

A 12 month increase of $157/mo (+9.2%).

Housing NEXT Needs Update

The update of the Housing NEXT needs assessment has been released.

Document @ Housing Needs Assessment | Grand Rapids/Kent County, MI 2022 PDF

Pere Marquette Ridership Recovery

Can we declare ridership on the Amtrak 370/371 corridor - the Pere Marquette - to be recovered? 2022 ridership (89,539) exceeded that of 2017 (87,276).

The all time highest ridership year is 2018 with 96,643 riders, followed by 2019 with only a few hundred less.

Now we are back to ridership growth on the Pere Marquette being limited by capacity and frequency.


Planning Commission Agenda, 2023-02-23

There are several very interesting developments on the agenda of February 23rds Planning Commission meeting. I'll use the first one to take a tour of three important concepts in Zoning & Planning: the PRD, Density, and Parking Requirement.

628 Coit NE

Update 2023-02-23: Tabled, due to massing and site design. The Planning Commission expressed no opposition to the density of parking.

Full Disclosure: I (the author) own a lot with a single unit on an block adjacent to this proposed development.

Airport Access Study Documents

The documents from the The Airport Access Study Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) have been released.

Planning Agenda: 2023-02-09

There are three items on the upcoming meeting of the Grand Rapids Planning Commission.

644 Chestnut St SW


Rezoning of an abandoned railroad right of way from SD-IT (Industrial) to TN-TCC. The property is currently owned by 655 Godfrey Land LLC. The adjacent warehouse, the east of the old railroad, was rezoned from SD-IT to TN-TCC in 2018. The expectation is the property will be incorporated into the redevelopment of the warehouse.

The parcel is immediately to the west of the Oxford Trail bike path.


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