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Links below are for available data sources and archived documents. Items which appear struck out are no longer maintained by the city or relevant agency.


Rapid meetings are not available via stream. Beginning in February 2024 Mobile GR meetings are uploaded to the City of Grand Rapids Youtube feed within a few days of the meeting; prior meetings are not available.

  • City of East Grand Rapids, Youtube : includes City of East Grand Rapids City Commission Meetings
  • Kent County, Youtube : includes Kent County Board of Commissioners meetings.
  • City of Grand Rapids, Youtube : includes commission meetings [City Commission, Planning Commission, Public Safety Commission, etc...] as well as the Mayor's VLOG, the City Manager's VLOG, and occastional other media. The Mayor's VLOG and the City Manager's VLOG are roughly monthly.
  • GRTVaccess, Youtube : includes the show City Connection where various local public officials are interviewed; monthly. [Content Warning: the interviews are extreme 🥎softball🥎].
  • Downtown Grand Rapids Inc, Youtube : includes the meetings of both the Downtown Development Authority Board and the Downtown Improvement District Board. Yes, the DDA and the DID are two distinct entities. The meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes for both organizations can be found 👉here👈.


Ecology & Climate


See also the "Housing" section below.

The Many [so many] Plans




Note: There was a Zoning Reform effort in 2018 called "Housing NOW". It failed. The Internet is still littered with the debris from this process and the city's own websites report incorrect information and link to obsolete documents. When looking for Housing/Zoning information be careful with anything from 2018.

"Missing Middle"

Accessory Dwelling Units

"Affordable" Housing

The Unhoused

Medical / Mental Health / Crisis Intervention