Planning Agenda: 2023-12-14

UPDATE 2023-11-29: Maps of current CC & TCC zones added,as well as map of the downtown overlay height district and excerpted land-use table. There is sill no narrative attached to the rezoning of Front & Scribner.

The Planning Commission's agenda for 2023-12-14 is πŸ‘‰hereπŸ‘ˆ.

City Connection (November, 2023)

On November 6th the community access show "City Connection" hosted Kyle Van Strien, current chair of the Grand Rapids Planning Commission, and City Commissioner Melinda Ysasi (2nd Ward). In the show's traditional format the host interviews the Commissioner Ysasis, then Planning Commissioner Van Strien, and then the two together.

Planning Agenda: 2023-11-09

UPDATE 2023-11-10: The stream is available on Youtube πŸ‘‰hereπŸ‘ˆ. The public comment for the 959 Bristol Ave NW development is πŸ”₯litπŸ”₯! πŸ˜‘ The discussion at the end of the meeting related to the topic of reducing or eliminating residential parking minimums starts πŸ‘‰hereπŸ‘ˆ.

Planning Agenda: 2023-10-26

UPDATE 2023-10-27: Due to the length of the meeting the discussion of the potential zoning reforms was postponed. What that means for any possibility of reforms which could assist the 2024 building season is not yet known.

UPDATE 2023-11-01: The discussion of the potential zoning reforms was moved from the end of this meeting to the beginning of πŸ‘‰the 2023-11-09 meetingπŸ‘ˆ.

Planning Agenda: 2023-10-12

The Planning Commission's agenda for 2023-10-12 is πŸ‘‰hereπŸ‘ˆ.

Planning Agenda: 2023-09-28

UPDATE 2023-09-29: The conversation was interesting. πŸ‘‰The meeting can be viewed on Youtube.πŸ‘ˆ. Text corresponding to these proposals are expected to come back to the Planning Commission in November. If the Planning Commissions supports that edition of the change text then the texts will go to the City Commission. The City Commission will hear them ... in December? ... then schedule a public hearing in ~30 days after hearing them.

Planning Agenda: 2023-08-10


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