The Local Transit Senate

The concept of the Senate, at least as implemented by the United States Constitution, is anti-democratic. In the state of Montana each senator represents ~500,000 people, in Michigan ~5,000,000 people, and in California ~19,500,000 people. A citizen of Montana has 39 times the representation of a citizen of California, and 10 times the representation of a citizen of Michigan.

The anti-democratic concept of the senate is replicated throughout America's civic infrastructure. This includes the Interurban Transit Partnership (aka: the Rapid) which is overseen by a board of 15 representatives from the six municipalities; five of these members - 1/3rd of the board - represent the citizens of the city of Grand Rapids which comprises 52% of the population of the service area. A citizen of Grandville has 5 times the representation of a citizen of Grand Rapids.

City Population Population % Seats Citizens per Seat Relative Representation
Grand Rapids 198,893 52% 5 39,778 1
Wyoming 76,501 20% 2 38,250 ~1
Kentwood 54,304 14% 2 27,152 1.4x
Walker 25132 6.57% 2 12,566 3x
Grandville 16083 4% 2 8,041 5x
East Grand Rapids 11,371 3% 2 5,685 7x

Thanks to Mariner 9#4828 of Discord for doing the initial tabulation.