Planning Agenda: 2023-07-13

UPDATE 2023-11-13: Related to 210 Fairbanks / 628 Coit Ave N - Resolution authorizing conditional approval of tax exemption and payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) – Union Suites on Coit II, City Commission agenda, 2023-11-14

670 Burton Street SE and 2080 Union Avenue SE

In February 2018 the city established a PRD (Planned Redevelopment District) / spot zoning for a large parcel (12 acres) previously owned by the Catholic Diocese and now owned by Bethany Christian Services. Bethany Christian Services had an expansion plan, which they have now abandoned. This agenda item is to revert the approved usage of the site to the currently existing uses; nullifying the unimplemented portions of the 2018 PRD rezoning.

210 Fairbanks St NE, 628, 636, 638, 644 and 646 Coit Ave NE

This is the second run at approval for this project; a slightly modified request for PRD (Planned Redevelopment District) / spot zoning which we previously discussed [in detail] for the 2023-02-23 Planning Commission meeting. In February (2023) the Planning Commission tabled the project as they did not like the massing. The owner, at the time, of 210 Fairbanks objected to the development on design and site-plan grounds. For this second attempt it appears the property of 210 Fairbanks is included in the project; this undoubtedly makes site design a more straight-forward approval. Also notable about the new design is less of an attempt to disingenuously emulate a Single Family Home frontage. There, so far, is not a public records sale of 210 Fairbanks.

This is still a 52 unit development, as it was previously, and has two additional parking space (32 vs the previous 30); so given the addition of 210 Fairbanks this development has a slightly lower density than the previous plan for which the Planning Commission had raised no objections related to parking or density.

This side-by-side illustrates the changes in the design.

Site Plan