2035 Mobility Goals Update

The City's Strategic Plan sets a transportation mode shift goal of 55% by 2035; meaning that 55% of commuter trips would be made via a mode other than by a single occupant vehicle [aka: a car, or in the 21st Century, more accurately: "a massive SUV or pickup"].

The latest annual report (2022) reports a non-single-occupant-vehicle mode share which has increased by ~2% to 26.90%, up from 24.90% (2021).

The Strategic Plan identifies the following commute mode share targets:

Mode Target (2035) 2017 value
Total 55% 20.9%
Transit 20% 4.2%
Walking 10% 3.8%
Biking 5% 2.2%
other 20% 10.7%

It is important to remember that mode shift can be accomplished principally by two methods:

  • Improving service & infrastructure: More frequent public transit service, addition bike lanes, less lethal street design
  • Land use changes: Additional denser housing opportunities proximate to job centers.