Data Point: How We Commute (2023-09)

This is a look at commuting related data from the ACS (American Community Survey) for the most recent available year (2021):

Commute Mode

Turner Ave Bike Lane Under Construction

The Turner Ave bike lane between Leonard and 4th St is under construction.

Transit Service Changes For Walker

Route #33

The Rapid will begin operating a weekday express route to the Walker industrial park. The industrial park was previously served by an interline with route #9 (Alpine) - - - which was very confusing.

Route 33 will run hourly from 5:45am - 10:45am and 1:45pm - 5:45pm, Monday through Friday.

A Rousing Debate

Within ๐Ÿ‘‰the minutes of the 2023-05 Rapid Planning meeting๐Ÿ‘ˆ is an interesting conversation about the future - or perceived future - of mobility in the region. This group plays an instrumental role in drafting the plan for the future of the Rapid; which for bureaucratic & regulatory reasons happens in twenty (20) year increments. Yes, a 20 year plan seems absurd; something the participants of this body appear to be aware of.

MDOT's 5 Year [Not A] Transportation Plan

The Draft 2024-2028 Five-Year Transportation Plan (5YTP) is available and the public comment period open until September 8th.

Don't forget when looking at this plan and the specified projects that the Michigan DOT's focus is:

Airport Access Study Documents

The documents from the The Airport Access Study Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) have been released.

2035 Mobility Goals Update

The City's Strategic Plan sets a transportation mode shift goal of 55% by 2035; meaning that 55% of commuter trips would be made via a mode other than by a single occupant vehicle [aka: a car, or in the 21st Century, more accurately: "a massive SUV or pickup"].


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