Lyon & Fountain Redesign

Heritage Hill "Density" Discussion

On November 1st and 4th of 2023 the Heritage Hill neighborhood association hosted two (2) hour sessions related to the Housing "Crisis" and the current round of proposed Zoning reforms. Roughly the first hour of the session was a presentation, by a Heritage Hill resident, on zoning, Heritage Hills' current density, and the current housing market. The second hour was Q&A and the type of table based work-shopping typical of these events.

North-East Neighborhood Rummage Sales

The north-east neighborhoods will have a variety of Rummage/Garage sales this weekend, see the list below. The sales line up for a nice 3 mile-tour - a ~12 minute drive or only an hours total walk. All sites are located near the route of the RAPID#15 bus route.

Update 2016-08-17: We also now have a sale in the Creston neighborhood @ 2132 Edgewood Avenue NE (see below).

Update 2016-08-18: Another new sale! This one is in Midtown @ 1036 Fountain St NE (see below).

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