Brewery Transit Service Analysis

This is a list of local breweries and their accessibility via transit. A brewery is considered on a route if it is within 0.25 miles of a stop. Route 90 is the Silverline and route 45 is the LakerLine

The State Of Inter-CIty Transit in 2022

The level of inter-city service has declined in recent years. The direction has turned since the surprising promise of the late 2010s; recovery, and certainly expansion, seem very unlikely.

What is still available if you want to travel to a neighboring city? (Daily service)

2035 Mobility Goals Update

The City's Strategic Plan sets a transportation mode shift goal of 55% by 2035; meaning that 55% of commuter trips would be made via a mode other than by a single occupant vehicle [aka: a car, or in the 21st Century, more accurately: "a massive SUV or pickup"].

The Commission's Agena, 2022-10-18


Planning Commission

The mayor's appointment of Salim Al-Shatel to the City Planning Commission for a term ending January 6, 2025. With this appointment there will be one remaining vacancy on the City Planning Commission.

Following the appointment the City Planning Commission has 2 residents from the 1st Ward, 4 residents from the 2nd Ward, and 2 residents from the 3rd Ward; 5 of the commission members are white, 2 are non-white, and 1 not responding.

Years To Buy, 2022

Some maps flew around social media of housing costs by county. Those maps used the Median MLS Listing Price divided by the county's median income to calculate the years-to-buy metric. The years-to-buy metric is a common way to correlate housing prices to regional income. Unfortunately the low granularity of county level data hides a great deal of variability.


Data Point: 2022-09-18, The ZORI 2015-2022


The ZORI is the Zillow Observed Rent Index. Zillow provides a variety of data at their Data page.

What Is Affordable?

What is affordable housing? What is "A"ffordable housing?


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