Data Point: 2022-09-18, The ZORI 2015-2022


The ZORI is the Zillow Observed Rent Index. Zillow provides a variety of data at their Data page.

What Is Affordable?


What is affordable housing? What is "A"ffordable housing?

The McConnell

UPDATE: The developer has pulled out, this project is dead.

The McConnell is a conceptual proposal for a market rate 10 story mixed-use development at the McConnell Silver Line BRT station. The principle structure would be seated behind the fueling station at Wealth & Division. If constructed the McConnell would be Grand Rapids' first Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

Who is running?

The candidates for City Commission in 2022.

Shelterforce ADU Series

Shelterforce recently developed a six part series on ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). While there is currently no hope of meaningful zoning reform in Grand Rapids, MI I believe this remains a critical topic to track as ADUs should be the clearest path for residents to invest in their own neighborhoods - right on their own property.

Mobility Related Meeting Schedule For 2022

Mobility and transportation related meetings for 2022.

It appears that the RAPID board meetings are hybrid, available via Zoom. Not sure about the Consumer Advisory Committee. MobileGR meetings are not available online.

The Climate Resolution

There is a Climate Resolution floating around which rumor has it will appear on the City Commission agenda sometime in the near future. As a bit of history, for a long time, the Grand Rapids City Commission did not - as a rule - consider resolutions. That has changed in recent years. For example there was a resolution expression support the West Michigan Express (WMX) transit project in 2019 (August?).


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