Data Point: How We Commute (2023-09)

This is a look at commuting related data from the ACS (American Community Survey) for the most recent available year (2021):

Commute Mode

Data Point: 2023-08, The ZORI & For-Sale

Time to check the data again.


ZORI (Observed Rents)

A 12 month increase (July 2022 - 2023), for Grand Rapids, of $91/mo (+6.24%). The observed rent for Grand Rapids in July 2023 was $1460/mo.

Data Point: 2022-09-18, The ZORI 2015-2022


The ZORI is the Zillow Observed Rent Index. Zillow provides a variety of data at their Data page.

Data Point: 2021-04-26, The ZORI 2014-2021

Preamble: I'm going to start a new thing called the "Data Point" where I quickly put up a particular point of data. This is the first. There is a lot of data, there is a constant stream of data. And there is a lot of conversations. Sometimes these two streams do not appear to intersect. So: the Data Point. You provide the context and the narrative, but start with data.

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