On The Agenda: City Employee Residency Incentive Update

On the agenda of City Commission meeting on 2023-08-08 is a resolution to update the "City Employee Home Ownership Incentives" program.

Note: State law in Michigan forbids cities from imposing residency requirements.

The Joint PC/CC Meeting, 2023-07-13

UPDATE 2023-09-19: Any proposed zoning reforms are now not expected to be heard until January, 2024. 🙄

UPDATE 2023-07-26: In comments related to the adoption of two city ordinances related to the unhoused population 2nd Ward Commissioner Knight made positive references to the zoning reforms; specifically to the number of unrelated persons allowed to live at a single address as well as more people being able to build accessory dwelling units.

The Commission's Agena, 2022-10-18


Planning Commission

The mayor's appointment of Salim Al-Shatel to the City Planning Commission for a term ending January 6, 2025. With this appointment there will be one remaining vacancy on the City Planning Commission.

Following the appointment the City Planning Commission has 2 residents from the 1st Ward, 4 residents from the 2nd Ward, and 2 residents from the 3rd Ward; 5 of the commission members are white, 2 are non-white, and 1 not responding.

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